November 15th, 2016

Group dynamics

The group dynamics was excellent throughout the course. Group meetings were conducted before starting any assignment where we brainstormed and set a plan of action. For the assignments, tasks were delegated to each member of the team and deadlines were set to ensure we have enough time to review and edit the parts before putting it together as a final version. With regards to the campaign itself, once it was initially set-up and running, ways of improving and optimizing our adwords campaign were discussed informally on a daily basis. Once decisions were made, one group member, Dror, was responsible for executing the change online. We found this method to be effective and efficient, avoiding any confusion as to whether the changes were made by someone else or not. Overall the group worked fluently throughout and everyone took part and were responsible for the group's achievements.


Client dynamics

The client dynamics started off well with high interest from Waterlogic , however, after that things deteriorated. At first, they were slow to send us marketing materials to get a better understanding of the company and its target markets. The company was then slow in adding the conversion tracking code to their forms, which delayed our start to the campaign. Towards the end of the campaign, we also found that the site has multiple forms and that the conversions tracking code wasn't added to all of them, which we see as an oversight of our client. Other problems we encountered were the pause of the campaign due to copyright reasons that had to do with the use of the Waterlogic name. Most of the problems were due to the fact that Waterlogic outsources their web design and management to a 3rd party and therefore was not agile in making the necessary changes. The final remark regarding the client dynamics was the lack of feedback. Waterlogic didn't relay back any information regarding the effect and outcome of the campaign. Especially given the fact that we had no access to their Google Analytics, feedback could have been usefully for optimizing our campaign while it was running.